Edward addressed an inaugural meeting of the new West Mercia branch of the European Movement - founded by Winston Churchill - in Malvern on September 13. He said that at the recent meeting of the long-established cross-party movement's national council  it was reported that its branch network had doubled in recent months. The movement is also aligned with Britain for Europe, Healthier in EU and Scientists for EU.

2 September: Malvern moves for Europe: Edward McMillan-Scott, Patron of the European Movement (centre) joined Giselle Edgar, John Pole (in T-shirts) and other members of the newly-formed West Mercia branch at the action day in Malvern on September 2.

Different teams handed out leaflets from Healthier in the EU, now affiliated to the European Movement, recruited new members and conducted a survey.

Edward fought "home" constituency in snap General Election

Edward McMillan-Scott - for 30 years a Yorkshire & Humber MEP - was asked by the West Worcestershire Liberal Democrats to be their candidate for the 'snap' June 8 General Election. The sitting Conservative had a majority of 22,578, which was cut to 21,328 and Edward moved the Liberal Democrat placing from fourth to third. He said:

"I was pleased to give voters a serious choice in this so-called Brexit election in Worcestershire, where my maternal family has lived and farmed since we moved from Yorkshire in the 18th century. My family home has been in Worcestershire since my marriage to Henrietta and we brought up our two daughters here." Statement

Convention on Brexit comes at a crucial time

A Convention on Brexit and the Political Crash is to be held at Central Hall, Westminster on May 12-13. The event is organised by Henry Porter, a well-known journalist - and UK editor of Vanity Fair - who organised the Convention on Modern Liberty in 2009. The intention is "to hold the debate on the real impact of Brexit that is missing from Parliament".

A Mission Statement explains the format and quotes Abraham Lincoln's 1862 "Think anew, act anew" speech, as well as listing the committee, including Edward McMillan-Scott.

The Convention will take place after elections in France and local elections in the UK on May 4. Tickets are available here.

3 January 2017: The Times gives top billing to Edward's letter explaining that the European Movement, of which he is a Patron. will continue camapigning for full parliamentary scrutiny of the Brexit process under its new chairman, former Health Secretary Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell.

In addition, the European Movement will campaign for an "outcome" referendum on the final deal, if it can be achieved. Read here

Edward later posted a letter to The Times dated May 26 1975 from Kenneth Lindsay, a University MP (formerly National Labour) 1935-45 and early proponent of a European Parliament, on the eve of the June 4 1975 EC Referendum with the concluding paragraph:

"At least I can agree with Michael Foot and Enoch Powell [respectively hard Left and hard Right MPs opposing EC continued membership] on one point, though for utterly different reasons - democratic government is now at the crossroads in the Mother of Parliaments. It is time to clear up our own mess and help Europe by our example".

2 Dec: Edward announced his delight at the result of the Liberal Democrats' anti-Brexit by-election campaign in Richmond Park by tweeting a photo of himself outside the European Parliament's Brussels HQ as a new dawn for the anti-Brexit campaign.

Edward's letter to Richmond electors asked them to vote Liberal Democrat and said he'd left the Conservative party as it became more hard-line on Europe. Read here

30 Nov-2 Dec: Edward was at the European Parliament's Brussels HQ for two days of meetings about Brexit and the election for President of the European Parliament. He said that there was a certain malaise but most feel tha the UK's June vote was based on a misleading Leave campaign and was "suicidal". After existing EP President Martin Schulz was told by MEPs that they would not support him for a third term he announced a return to German domestic politics.

25 October: Edward gives opening talk of the new term to Warwick University's European Society: "The European Movement insists the fight against Brexit isn't over".

3 Sept 2016: Edward McMillan-Scott is campaigning, as a Patron of the European Movement, for a referendum on the final proposals resulting from the Brexit talks.

Here he is at the March for Europe with journalist Henry Porter

6 April 2016: Edward says government pamphlet is more crucial than the 1975 version.

Edward McMillan-Scott, aq patron of the European Movement, welcomed the government's decision to send a pamphlet explaining its position to all households:

"There is a widespread  demand for more information, as I discussed with the director of the European Movement last week."

Here is the 1975 government pamphlet

31 March 2016: Edward meets Euro Movement team at HQ

Edward visited the South Bank HQ of the European Movement UK to discuss its ongoing activities in support and coordination of the Remain campaign. He met Matthew Fulton, the director, and other colleagues.

Edward is a Patron and member of the European Movement's National Council. He was a deputy regional coordinator during the 1975 In or Out referendum.

26 January 2016: Edward addresses three Rotary Clubs on the forthcoming EU referendum.

Edward spoke at the annual joint dinner of three Worcestershire Rotary Clubs in his capacity of Patron of the European Movement, the UK's only non-party membership organisation campaigning for continued UK membership of the EU.

Edward recalled his activities as joint chair of the county's "Keep Britain in Europe" during the 1975 campaign and his speech noted the change in opinion towards 'Europe' over his 30 years as a Yorkshire & Humber MEP.

The meeting of 66 guests was chaired by Lynne Raymer, president of the Bredon Hill Rotary Club: the meeting was joined by Evesham aand Pershore clubs and was held at the Oak Inn, Defford.

13 Dec: Mail on Sunday reports Edward's warning that inquiry into Tatler Tory antics 'may be censored' here

Edward McMillan-Scott has written to Lord David Pannick , the liberal QC appointed by the Conservative Party to review the inquiry by solicitors Clifford Chance into the circumstances surrounding the death of young activist Elliott Johnson, warning that it may not be impartial.

"Whatever the reputation otherwise of Clifford Chance, their association in matters of this kind with the Conservative Party raises a range of issues."
 he wrote. Pannick has acknowledged the file sent by Edward.

Clifford Chance conducted a Freedom of Information inquiry into the Tory party's expulsion of Edward in 2009 - after his protest at David Cameron's controversial new EU grouping - without reason or justification, but the result, contained in four lever-arch files, had been so heavily 'redacted' as to make most of it meaningless (see typical example here)

The Mail on Sunday (13 December) carried Edward's warning in an article which shed further light on the antics of MArk Clarke, the 'Tatler Tory' alleged to have bullied Johnson before his death.

Edward attacks China at Westminster meeting

19 October 2015: Edward McMillan-Scott (below centre), former Vice-President of the European Parliament for Democracy and Human Rights, launched a strong attack at a Westminster meeting on China's Human Rights record as the country's president flew in the city for a five-day State Visit.

Speaking alongside representatives of a free Tibet, the Uyghurs and  Human Rights Watch, the meeting also heard from Dr Shao Jiang (R) and Bob Fu (L), director of China Aid, who are Tiananmen Square massacre survivors. Dr Shao was arrested and held for 24 hours by London police, while his home was searched. 

Edward speaks at Cotswold LibDem dinner

Edward is guest speaker at the Constituency Dinner of the Cotswold Liberal Democrats on Saturday 7 October. He will speak on the EU referendum and its iompact on the countryside. Read more

Edward elected to European Movement council

2 October 2015: In elections for the National Council of the UK European Movement, Edward was elected as one of 12 members of its National Council, which coordinates the day-to-day running in the run-up top the In/Out referendum. 

The non-party European Movement holds its AGM in London on 31 October. He was elected a Patron of the long-established pro-European body in 2014.

Edward Blacklisted by Putin is 'badge of honour'

31 May 2015: Edward was one of nine Britons apparently banned from travelling to Russia because of their opposition to Vladimir Putin, until 2018 the undisputed 'boss' of the corrupt plutocracy which rules his homeland. Read more here

Edward was singled out because, as award-winning Vice-President of the European Parliament for human rights and democracy 2004 - 2014, he was a singular critic of Putin and regular visitor to Russia to meet reformists, as the country slumped into a new totalitarianism.

A total of 89 politicians from across the EU have been banned: Edward is #45 on the list here

Edward stands as 'paper candidate'

7 May 2015: Edward was invited by the Liberal Democrats to stand as a 'safe pair of hands' against Yvette Cooper, the sitting MP in the Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford constituency in Yorkshire & Humber, where he had been a senior MEP for 30 years. 

This 'paper' candidature involved him in attending public meetings at which Cooper was present and the Count, as well as dealing with the media:

"It was a pleasure to play my role in giving the Liberal Democrats in the constituency a candidate to vote for, although there was never any chance of getting elected. Yvette Cooper is a very able and highly intelligent politician and it was enjoyable debating with her." said Edward after the election, which saw a Labour majority of 15,428.

Constituency results here

UKIP absent as candidates meet the public

24 April 2015: The parliamentary candidates for the Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford seat - with the exception of the UKIP candidate - took part in a well-attended public hustings at St Giles Centre, Pontefract on Friday evening, 24 April. More details here

Election Hustings at New College, Pontefract

17 April 2015:Edward's participation in a cross-party Hustings at New College, Pontefract on Friday 17 April was part of the build-up to the General Election on May 7. Participants Yvette Cooper - the sitting MP, the Conservative's Beth Cooper and UKIP's Steve Ashton focussed on matters of interest to young people, some first-tiime voters.

The event organiser, Lindsey Hanson, the college's marketing and publicity manager, said:

"Some might argue that young people across the country are more politically engaged today than they have been for a generation. With under-18s being given the vote in the Scottish referendum, with student tuition fees back on the agenda, and with worries about employment and house-buying frequently listed as the chief concerns of the under-30s, young people have every reason to be politically engaged."

Edward at European Movement 'Debaters Day'

28 March 2015: Edward spoke on 'how to deal with UKIP in debate' at a one-day Debaters Day conference organised by Lawrence Brewer of the European Movement at Aston University on 28 March.

The event was chaired by Kevin Barron, chair of the European Movement Midlands Group and included contributions from Peter Wilding, director of British Influence in Europe and Brendan Donnelly, chair of the Federal Trust.

Edward assists Oxford Debate on the UK in EU

5 February 2015: Edward joined the final panel of high-level contributors at an afternoon seminar hosted by the Maison Francaise, Oxford which launched the EUK@OX series of Oxford Debates on the UK in Europe.

EUK@OX brings together The EU Studies Centre at St Anthony's College, the Oxford Institute of Social Policy and the Centre for International Studies as well as the Maison Francaise.

Edward gets Certificate of Achievement from the Single Seat group: he is now Honorary Patron

Jan 28 2015: Edward has been made Honorary Patron of the cross-party campaign for a Single Seat for the European Parliament, which he founded in 2010 and which by 2014 under his chairmanship saw 78 per cent of MEPs voting to scrap their costly Strasbourg sessions.

At a packed meeting as the new European Parliament assembled for its first full session in its Brussels chamber, the new chair of Single Seat. Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (EPP, Sweden) gave Edward a framed Certificate of Achievement. The citation read "For his everlasting commitment to the Single Seat and for his determination in making the European Parliament more efficient and closer to citizens."

The meeting heard a detailed report from from the EU's Court of Auditors about the additional cost of the Strasbourg meetings - some €114 M per year - and laid out plans for future campaigning. The parliament's consititutional committee has decided to invoke Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty - a first - which allows MEPs to propose treaty change. This followed the recommendations in the 2013 Fox-Hafner report, which saw a massive majority of 483 - 141 calling for an end to the Strasbourg sessions.

Edward debates Hong Kong crackdown

Dec 3 2014: In a debate organised by the oldest society at the London School of Economics, Edward argued that Britain - and the EU - should take a resolute and principled approach to China's rough tactics against Hong Kong protests.

Speaking to the Grimshaw Club on the 30th anniversary of the UK-China agreement on Hong Kong's future, Edward laid out the diplomatic and commercial advantages of a reformed Hong Kong within a reformed China. A consistent critic of the Beijing regime since he wrote a ground-breaking report for the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee in 1996 - it led to the China-EU Human Rights dialogue - the former Vice-President of the European Parliament remains convinced that criticism of China's human rights record should be a universal policy for the free world. Read his views here

Edward debates growth of religious extremism

Dec 3 2014: Edward was a pannellist at a an event the European Parliament UK Office organised to mark the awarding of the Sakharov Prize. The debate addressed religious and human rights and brought together academics, policy-makers, interest associations and journalists. Details here

Edward voted Patron of European Movement

Nov 22 2014: Edward was voted a Patron of the European Movement at its AGM in London. He said: "I am honoured and pleased, and look forward to putting forward the facts about our EU membership in the coming period". The same meeting saw Laura Sandys MP (C) and Richard Corbett MEP (Lab) take over as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of the cross-party movement.

Edward wins York Uni debate on EU by 84-22

Nov 11 2014: In a debate on Armistice Day organised by the Student Union at the University of York Edward defeated a 'get Britain out' motion proposed by UKIP speaker Gawain Towler by 84 votes to 22.

As the audience entered they registered opposition to the motion "That this House believes Britain would be better off outside the EU" by 67-37. Edward said: "This shows that peoples' instincts are that we should stay in the EU and that reasoned debate makes them even more convinced." Read more in student newspaper Nouse here

Scotland: an eye view By Edward McMillan-Scott

Polling day 18 September 2014: "Watching in Edinburgh the closing stages of the campaign for the referendum on Scottish independence it struck me as the strangest electoral process I have witnessed since Britain's In/Out of Europe poll in 1975." read more

Edward wins Parliament 2012 Outstanding Contribution Award

Edward has been given the Parliament magazine's 2012 Outstanding Contribution Award for his campaign to end the European Parliament's two-seat arrangement between Brussels and Strasbourg, costing €180 million and 19,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.Read more here

Edward raises concerns over Yorkshire's lack of lobbying for EU funds

Edward McMillan Scott, Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, said since the government's abolition the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward in 2010 there "is no longer a single voice speaking for the region's local authorities". Read more here

Edward welcomes Nobel Peace Prize for European Union

Commenting on the Nobel Peace Prize award to the EU for six decades of advancing peace in Europe, senior Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott (Yorkshire & Humber), who has been the European Parliament's Vice-President responsible for democracy and human rights since 2004, said: "The Nobel Peace Prize for the EU is recognition of the transformative power of the European project that brought a war-torn continent back to prosperity and through its enlargement process helped to spread democracy and freedom to the former Soviet bloc and is a model for reform worldwide." Read more...

Edward congratulates Taiwanese EU ambassador on appointment as country's new foreign minister

Edward said: "David Lin has been an outstanding ambassador for his country during his time in Brussels.He has displayed diplomacy of the highest standard and I'm sure he will be a credit to his country." Read more here

Liberal Democ

rats release pamphlet detailing achievements in Government.

Read the pamphlet here

Edward speaks with concerned residents in Grimsby

Edward visited Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire to talk to residents about their concerns for the neglected ward. Read more here

Counting the cost of flooding in the region

Following the terrible flooding especially in Calderdale, Edward visited the area to meet with business owners affected.

Fellow Lib Dem MEP Rebecca Taylor helped out at a temporary flood relief centre at Calder College.   Together they are offering any help the EU can give.

Edward issues advice for holidaymakers

Edward stressed the importance of holidaymakers knowing how to access services if they get into difficulty abroad, from the 112 emergency number to health insurance cards. Read more here

Edward sees tourism champion EU funds winner

Edward  at Bolton Abbey's very popular restored railway station, which won EU funding. Volunteers run the trains and station.

Edward is campaigning for a fair share of future EU funding for Yorkshire & The Humber in the next round of spending 2014 - 2021. Some £500M is earmarked for the region but there are likely to be calls for cuts.

Edward challenges Tory Shipley MP in BBC debate on death penalty

On BBC TV’s Sunday Politics  Show Edward recently challenged  right-wing Tory MP Philip Davies  over his wish to see the death  penalty reintroduced in Britain.  Edward said: “Having successfully  campaigned for the release of a  young Leeds man from death row  in Pakistan I have  seen at first hand  the horrendous  nature of this
practice. Read more here

Edward hosts roundtable discussion on new EU human right strategy

As the House of Commons approved the EU's new human rights package, Edward organised a high-level roundtable at the European Parliament offices in London. Edward - Vice President for Democracy & Human Rights - was joined by Michael Connarty MP and Nicolas Berger of Amnesty International.

Edward campaigns to keep the EU investing in Yorkshire & Humber

Edward has launched a campaign to ensure that Yorkshire & Humber gets its fair share of EU funding

The UK Government is calling for an overall cut of the EU’s budget and Edward is fighting to make sure spending on frontline projects that make a real difference to Yorkshire & Humber is protected.  At present some £500 million is earmarked for Yorkshire & Humber from 2014 onwards. Help Edward fight for a fair share of EU funding for Yorkshire & Humber by signing the petition or emailing him your support at: . Read more here

Edward discusses declining bee populations with international expert

July 6: Sheffield: Edward hears at first hand from international bee expert Dr Steve Martin at Sheffield University how commonly-held theories about the decline of our bee population are not valid. Dr Martin recently published in Science his groundbreaking research into the real effect of the varroa mite – and associated viruses - on bees.

Edward releases pamphlet detailing his fight for democracy and human rights reform worldwide

Edward produced a pamphlet detailing his fight for democracy and human rights reform worldwide in response to his constituents' interest in his work. Read the pamphlet here

Edward presses for Yorkshire & Humber's fair share of EU funding

Edward is pressing the Coalition government for a fair share of EU funding for the region, dedicated largely to job creation and research, as negotiations begin over the £500 million earmarked for Yorkshire & Humber between 2014 and 2021. He met with Liberal Democrat Party President Mr Tim Farron MP in Leeds  to make the region's case. Read more here

Edward challenges growing Euro-scepticism in the UK

Edward McMillan-Scott is a long-standing pro-European. Speaking to Liberal Democrats in Leeds on 22 June, he commented on growing Euro-scepticism in the UK prompted by the Euro crisis, but referred to a recent report by Open Europe, a think tank  which is usually critical of the EU, which argues for continued British membership: in addition, an article by Boris’s younger brother Jo Johnson MP argues that the EU’s Single Market is critical to Britain’s economy. Lastly, he pointed to an analysis of the benefits of EU membership on his website. Read the analysis here

Edward slams 'meagre' fishing deal

Edward McMillan-Scott, who represents fishing communities from Whitby to Grimsby, slammed the fishing deal to emerge from European fisheries Ministerson 13 June as “meagre progress”.

Edward brought Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall to the European Parliament to launch his ‘Fish Fight’ to a wider audience. The campaigning super-chef wants an end to the practice of 'discards' which forces fishermen to dump dead fish back in the sea if they have reached their quota for that particular fish. Read more here

Edward joins last minute campaigning for local elections 

Edward and two of his Assistants joined last minute campaigners for the local elections in  Sheffield (left) and Hull). The dedicated teams on the ground ensured Lib Dems oversaw some great wins across Yorkshire &Humber.

Edward discusses Palestine and Kashmir in Bradford

Edward  discussed Palestine, the Middle
East and Kashmir with  Riaz Ahmed, David Ward MP, and  local residents at Bradford's 'Meet your MEP' event.

Edward's 'Championing the North' fringe event draws full audience at Lib Dem Spring Conference

Edward organised a packed fringe event at conference with standing room only, to discuss how the Liberal Democrats are championing the North in Councils, at Westminster and in Brussels.

Edward is interviewed by the Parliament's Petitions Committee

Edward discusses the importance of citizens' petitions, his responsibilities as Vice-president, his unwavering support for human rights, the European Parliament's two-seat arrangement, growing euroscepticism in the UK with the Parliament' s Petitions committee.Read the interview here

Edward hosts roundtable on new EU Human Rights Strategy

On July 12, Edward will host a roundtable discussion on the EU's new human rights package together with NGOs, journalists and politicians. It will be held in the European Parliament London offices. See the invite here

Edward puts spotlight on China on International Day Against Torture

To mark the International Day against Torture,Edward released a video statement by one of his Chinese contacts, Zhang Lianying, who was tortured to the point of coma while in Beijing Women’s Prison. She had been imprisoned for her religious beliefs. Read the press release here and watch the  video here.

Edward: Coherent EU strategy on human rights overdue

Edward welcomed the adoption of a strategic framework on human rights and democracy by the EU’s 27 Foreign Ministers as an overdue step towards enhancing the effectiveness and visibility of the EU’s human rights policy. Read more  here

Edward: Pressure mounts on China as Dalai Lama heads for Yorkshire

On the eve of Tibetan Spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, speaking at the Yorkshire International Business Convention (15 June), the European Parliament has increased pressure on China by passing a resolution on Tibet, co-sponsored by Edward. Read more here

Edward calls for a European Parliament special co-ordinator on Tibet

Edward notes that the European Parliament has become the mouthpiece for Tibet in recent years, and highlights the need to  strengthen the support of this region,  sending a clear message to the Chinese government as well as the international community. Read more here

Edward backs MEPs pressing for EU-wide ban on fish discards

In a video interview, Edward backed chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'Fish Fight' campaign, and said EU ministers would be failing their people if they don't ban fish discards. Watch it here

Edward discusses plight of Sawahari people with actor Javier Bardem

Edward met Academy Award wining actor Javier Badem to discuss Western Sahara and peace for the Sawahari  people. Bardem is starring in  new film examining this topic:  Sons of The Clouds: The Last Colony.

Edward comments on EU progress on missing child mechanisms

Edward released a press statement  on International Missing Children's day, saying he will call at a major conference in Brussels for EU countries to continue their efforts towards EU missing child mechanisms, including hotlines, an alert system and a research centre into child hazards like that in Washington. Read the press release   here

Edward asks the Commission about latest self-immolations in Tibet

Following the self-immolation of 2 young men in Tibet, Edward asks the Commission whether this incident will be discussed during the EU-China Human Rights dialogue, taking place in Brussels May 29. Read the Question here

Edward speaks at LGBT rights event in the Parliament

Edward spoke in support of LGBT rights the European Parliament event: 'It gets better', which called for an end to homophobia across the world on the eve of the 'International Day Against Homophobia', and outlined the progress that has been made so far.

Edward co-hosts Roots & Shoots event with Dr Jane Goodall

Edward co-hosted an awards ceremony for children involved in Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots &Shoots project, which teaches children about the importance of green issues and conservation

Edward co-signs letter to stop 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship going ahead in Belarus

In light of continuous human rights abuses in Belarus, Edward joined other MEPs in urging for the championships to not be held in Belarus. Read more...

Edward writes letter to Ashton on repeated human rights abuses in Bahrain

Following the arrest of activist Nabeel Rajab, Edward joins other MEPs in urging the EU to take more decisive action as regards Bahrain.  Read more...



30 September Sunday Telegraph Dominic Grieve calls for People's Vote

Dominic Grieve, former Conservative Attorney-General, has chosen the opening day of the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham to publish an appeal for a People's Vote. Edward comments: "When I was Leader of the 36 Conservative MEPs and on the Board of the party, we all stayed on the top floor of the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. An early riser to attend the Strategy Committee's morning meetings, I noted that almost all the senior Conservatives take The Times!" Read Grieve's article here

18 September: Edward slams Tory extremists for backing Orban in European Parliament vote

Edward spoke to an audience of 400 diplomats, NGOs and media at an event to mark the International Day of Democracy at the European Parliament in Brussels. He focussed on the Brexit referendum as a failed democratic experiment and reported a strong swing in favour of remaining in the EU.  Read here

Coordinating pro-EU activities: Where Next for Brexit?

June 2018: Edward McMillan-Scott has for several months coordinated all the UK's 'operational' pro-EU organisations and individuals in an informal forum blandly called Where Next for Brexit? - see Daily Mail 13 June splash here

7 Jan 2018:  Lord Mark Malloch Brown (left) a former Labour foreign minister and senior UN official, is seeking close cooperation between pro-EU groups in the UK, such as the European Movement, founded by Churchill in 1948, Open Britain (formerly Stronger In, the lead organisation for the Remain campaign) and Best for Britain, founded 2016, of which he is chair. Read more

8 Sept: As the EU Withdrawal Bill grinds on, pro-EU groups like Open Britain and the European Movement are working together across the country to challenge Hard Brexit: Edward McMillan-Scott writes. Read here

30 May 2017: Edward met Scottish-German chair of European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee David McAllister to discuss Brexit and 'Merkel's New World Order'
Read here

5 May 2017: The gloves are off as EU no-mates Theresa May plays Boudicca with Brussels over Brexit - but the all-important French presidential election takes place on Sunday
Read here

3 April 2017: UK has often mocked the European Parliament, but it will have the final say on the Brexit deal, says Edward, pictured here with chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier (l) Read here

9 Dec 2016: After a visit to Brussels, where he met key players in the scrutiny of Brexit, and a debate in the House of Commons on Article 50, Edward wrote about the need for a close watch on parliamentary scrutiny. Read here

1 June 2016 The Brexiteers bible - 'Why Vote Leave' by Daniel Hannan MEP, whose political hero is Enoch Powell. Hannan has campaigned full-time for the UK to leave the EU since 1999. Here Edward gives the facts and shows what the book leaves out: read here

21 June 2016 Turkey's EU membership will remain in the EU’s deep freeze, whatever Leave claims: read here

24 Feb 2016:

Edward McMillan-Scott: Making the case for Britain as a strong force in Europe: read here

11 February 2016: Edward McMillan-Scott - the first outside politician to get to the Egyptian revolution - writes in the Brussels Parliament Magazine on its fifth anniversary.    Read here

9 October 2015: Edward writes on the day of Angela Merkel's visit to Chequers for talks with David Cameron that he should not rely on her too much to deliver his 'renegotiation'. Read here

23 September 2015: Edward writes about the turning tide of public opinion on Brexit in the UK as the Labour Party meets under its new leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Read here

1 July 2015: Edward writes 'Europe's populists: a present and rising danger'. Read here

 29 June 2015: Edward replies to an unsubstantiated attack on the EU by Mathew Parrish in The Times Letters to the Editor. Read here

Edward writes on 16 June 2015: "Is Red Card for MPs over EU laws necessary or feasible?" Read here 

Published on 7 January 2015, Edward writes on the 'Embarassing link between Cameron and Germany's anti-Islamist movement'  Read here

Edward writes in Yorkshire Post 15 November 2014 "John Major adds new ingredient to EU debate" about the former premier's Berlin speech. Read here

Edward writes 31 May 2014:  "Proud to have served our region in Europe"

THIS has been a turbulent week in British politics. The United Kingdom Independence Party insurgency was predicted –but the reality was even more striking. Read more here

Bernard Dineen writes 20 Mar 2010: "Own goal as Tories force out a decent man"

Edward writes in Yorkshire Post: We should end Europe's indefensible travelling circus

WHEN I was handed the 2012 MEP Award for “Outstanding Contribution” in Brussels last week – top recognition by the Parliament magazine, sister to Westminster’s House magazine – it was seen as a major boost to my campaign for a single seat for the European Parliament.
Absurdly, the parliament is still forced by EU governments to shuttle between its Brussels base and Strasbourg, where it spends four days a month, costing at least an additional £150m and 19,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. Read more here...

Edward writes guest editorial in The Parliament Magazine: Support for Strasbourg seat eroding

As the summer draws to a close, MEPs and assistants settle back into day-to-day life at the European parliament. We all begin to prepare for the laborious trek from our working base in the Belgian capital, to inaccessible Strasbourg. This anachronistic arrangement wastes some €180m every year, and 19,000 tonnes of CO2. But there are clear signs that the parliament and member states are ready to challenge the cost and inefficiency involved. Read more here...

Edward comments on cracks found in Brussels building

Edward reacted to the news that cracks have been found in the debating chamber of Parliament's Brussels building. Watch the segment here...

Edward writes in Lib Dem Voice: "Our voice on human rights is amplified by the EU "

The Coalition pledge to put human rights at the heart of our foreign policy is bearing fruit. Thanks especially to pressure from the European Parliament – where as Vice-President for democracy and human rights I have lobbied hard – and the Foreign Office, civil society, the EU’s 27 governments recently adopted a comprehensive new approach. Jeremy Browne, our excellent minister for human rights, and I co-authored a recent article published by the Independent explaining the background of the ambitious new EU Human Rights package. Read more here...

Edward comments on Cameron's EU dilemmas

David Cameron's referendum pledge is full of hedged bets. His article in the Sunday Telegraph says: "As we get closer to the end point, we will need to consider how best to get the full-hearted support of the British people whether it in a general election or in a referendum." He adds:"As I have said, for me the two words 'Europe' and 'referendum' can go together... but let us get the people a choice first." So it is the latter point that is more significant. In other words, Cameron wants a renegotiation of our commitment to EU social, home affairs and employment policies. Read more here...

Edward comments on the fading support for the Parliament's 'anachronistic' Strasbourg seat arrangement

As European Union leaders met in Brussels at last week's summit on the crisis, MEPs were preparing for this week's trek from our working base in the Belgian capital to inaccessible Strasbourg. This anachronistic arrangement wastes some €180m every year and 18,000 tonnes of CO2. But there are clear signs that the European Parliament, its staff and some member states are ready to challenge the cost and inefficiency involved. Read more here...

Edward McMillan-Scott and Jeremy Browne: "The EU can amplify our human rights pledge"

The Coalition Government's promise to put human rights at the heart of Britain's diplomacy is being fulfilled daily. The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Cathy Ashton, has unveiled a comprehensive new approach to human rights worldwide, with our full support. Read more here...

Edward McMillan-Scott: Politicians left in quandary as EU confronts its financial failure

David Cameron's warning of "stagnation" at the G20 summit is aimed squarely at eurozone leaders. Europe is in a state of suspended animation as its most significant joint project - the euro - apparently for now continues to create more problems than it solves. Read more...

Edward calls for increased transparency in the European Parliament

Edward writes a letter to European Voice, criticising the decision of a minority of MEPs to water down proposals to improve the transparency of MEPs' activities, and calls for The Parliament's leadership to review this decision prior to the European elections  in 2014. Read the letter here

Edward comments on European Parliament calendar  case in ECJ 

5 June: As the European Parliament defended  its vote to merge two October parliamentary sessions into one week in Strasbourg to save costs at a public hearing in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, Edward commented:

"The European Parliament's principal base of activity is in Brussels, now the administrative and political centre of the EU. The additional cost of meeting in Strasbourg is about €180 million and 19,000 tonnes of CO2 a year. Since last year MEPs have consistently voted by large majorities for a Single Seat to cut costs and this case is a step on the way." Read more  here

Edward writes article calling for a Single Seat of the European Parliament

11May: Members of the European Parliament are repeatedly voting by overwhelming majorities to end what was described in a front page article in The New York Times as a "travelling circus", and the European Parliament's staff also want a single seat. Voting to clear the accounts for 2010 on May 10, during a Brussels plenary session, MEPs yet again voted for a single working location. Read more here...

Edward writes in Lib Dem News: Local growth through EU funds

27 April: As  Britons  vote  in  next  week’s  local  elections,  few  realise  that  local  authorities deliver  and  manage  EU  funds.  While  I  have  been  canvassing  across  my  region  in recent weeks, it  is clear that politics are indeed local. But in one respect, ‘I am  from Brussels and I am here to help’ rings true. Read more here...

Human Rights must define Ireland's relationship with China

Edward comments on Ireland's human rights record and recommends an approach to China: “The country is a well known haven for human rights defenders, often also negotiating important UN resolutions to ensure their protection. It pays a great deal of attention to the smaller human rights projects and more difficult cases, often ignored by larger states.

China this month paid lip service to the need for reform, while thousands are still being persecuted. “Followers of Falun Gong are vanished, imprisoned and tortured, and yet the US refuses to take a firm line with China. This is why Ireland, with its strong record on human rights, must continue its pressure on China. As in the story of David and Goliath, the small can vanquish the large, as long as they are smart." Read more here...

Human Rights in Russia under fire on eve of election

Edward slams Russia for its 'shameful' record on human rights and alleged persecution of religious groups, drawing particular attention to Falun Gong, the practice of which is now blacklisted in both Russia and China. Read more...

 Spark of liberty flickers as Arab Spring hopes fade

The international community – except China and Russia – recognise that the revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia will continue to need intensive care. The spirit of freedom cannot be crushed in Syria and Yemen and I believe that Europe should be using every means to support the revolutions there, short of military involvement. Read more here...

The fading spirit of the Arab Spring

As the first outside politician to reach post-Mubarak Egypt, Edward gives his appraisal of the revolution one year on. Read the article on here

McMillan-Scott lambasts China for its 'abhorrent' record

Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, the ALDE MEP also advocated an Arab Spring-style "Chinese revolution".

The deputy was addressing an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of New Tang Dynasty, an independent Chinese language TV channel. Read more here...

EU urged 'not to bow' to China's demands over Taiwan

Senior MEP Edward McMillan-Scott has welcomed the outcome of Taiwan's recent presidential elections, saying they could pave the way for better ties with mainland China. Read more here...

BBC Radio 4's World Tonight

16 December 2011: Edward says Cameron's EU summit posture is 'bizarre' on  Listen here

Cameron is a danger to the UK:

At about 3.30 on the morning of David Cameron's fateful decision to veto a new EU treaty to sustain the euro, the PM apparently called George Osborne. Osborne is not only chancellor but was also Cameron's chief tactician and adviser during the opposition years. I sat on his election strategy committee. I suspect that Cameron not only discussed the economic implications of a veto, but also the politics – and especially the effect on the coalition and the chances of winning a 'Union Jack' election outright on a eurosceptic manifesto. Then he went back into the EU summit, exercised his veto – and only then called Nick Clegg. Read more here...

Edward expresses his views of Cameron's eurosceptic posture following the EU Summit on 9 December. Read more...

Cameron's Euro dilemma examined by Edward in this Yorkshire Post feature article: Read here...

Edward McMillan-Scott: Europe is back at the heart of politics, so let's not forget the benefits it brings. The issue of Europe is once again at the heart of British politics, pushed there by a combination of concern about the fate of the euro - the currency of our biggest market - and demands by eurosceptics for an 'in or out' referendum. Read more...

Euronews: Edward discusses the impact of Eurosceptics on the Euro crisis and tells Euronews (October 25, 2011) that in order to curb the rise of extreme right political parties and Euroscepticism in Europe we need to restate the case for the European Union and recognise the benefits of the Euro. Watch here...

                                  The EU is not a walking disaster: I cannot deny that the public mood is eurosceptic but it is ill-informed. David Cameron must be regretting his casual leadership pledge to withdraw from the European mainstream European People’s Party, the political family of Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. The gesture was without merit and now mitigates his effectiveness as premier. His pledge was made to secure the votes of the ‘Better Off Out’ MPs, the very ones who are now harrying him over the EU referendum. Read more...

of Tibetan monks and nuns: Edward and other members of the European Parliament have written a letter for a strong EU response to the ongoing situation in the Sichuan province of China, where so far eight monks and one nun have self-immolated in protest against the continued Chinese occupation of Tibet. Read more...

BBC 'Newsnight':  Edward discusses the decision to hold a debate and vote on a referendum on the UK's relationship with the EU. Watch here...

BBC Daily Politics Show: Edward attacks the Eurosceptics as unpatriotic on Daily Politics (8 September, 2011). Watch here...

 Edward McMillan-Scott: Forget the Tory sceptics and focus on the real euro issue - Cameron's plan to put the UK into the EU's second tier. Read more...