Edward McMillan-Scott MEP

A Strong Voice for Yorkshire & Humber

Vice-President of the European Parliament

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Longest-serving MEP for the Yorkshire & Humber region


Only British Vice-President of the European Parliament


Award winner for Democracy & Human Rights worldwide

Much of Edward's work is focused on constituency issues, supported by an experienced team.


As Vice-President of the European Parliament he is Britain's most senior MEP.


A former leader of 36 Tory MEPs and a lifelong pro-European, he left the Tories and joined the LibDems in 2010 in protest at David Cameron's controversial new EU alliance

Edward greets girl hero Malala Yousafzai as she receives top EU prize

Edward and blind Chen oppose Beijing tyrrany

Edward's award-winning campaign to scrap Strasbourg

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Edward complies with the Liberal Democrat MEP transparency contract regarding  expenses:








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The daughters of some of China's most prominent imprisoned human rights defenders spoke out in the support of their fathers' release

Edward hosts Malala Yousafzai as she receives the Sakharov Prize

between Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. The extra cost is some €180m and 19,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. Now it is up to the EU's governments.

Edward gets Medal of Honour for his Human Rights work


Edward is awarded the Medal of Honour by the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC)

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Let's save fake Chagall!

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74% of MEPs support Edward's campaign to end the European Parliament's controversial multi-Seat arrangement

On Feb 2 the BBC program Fake or Fortune found the picture to be a fake, but the biggest shock was that the Paris-based Chagall family, asked for an opinion, annouced that it would destroy the picture. Help save the Chagall and sign our petition here

Edward is backing his constituent Martin Lang from Leeds who bought a Chagall in 1992 for £100,000.

Let's feed the poor, not the rich farmers, Edward tells EU

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Sustainable Food Steering Group, the conference was a resounding success with all the speakers, who spoke to a full room, all agreeing that we need an EU sustainable food policy.

Food banks are a symptom of system failure

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14/03/14 THERE is justified concern over the growing reliance on food banks in the UK and across the European Union. We should consider it as a symptom of a broken food system which requires a complete overhaul. Not only do we need a food policy in the UK but also across the EU, where often prosperous farmers will get £322bn over the next seven years, while the most deprived get a meagre £3bn.

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Putin: Edward hears Obama get tough in Brussels

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Edward was one of the top level EU guests at a speech in Brussels the New York Times described as "a capstone" to Obama's Spring trip to Europe. The US President delivered an unequivical moral and political message after Putin's take-over

of Crimea, saying "we back our beliefs with courage and resolve".

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Lib Dems say Siemens' decision means Britain must stay in EU

Yorkshire & Humber Liberal Democrat MEPs Edward McMillan-Scott and Rebecca Taylor have welcomed the news that Siemens will build a major new wind turbine factory in Hull. The facility should create over 1,000 jobs. Siemens chiefs uyrged Britain to stay in the EU.


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After the first TV and radio debate between Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Edward has again invited UKIP's Yorkshire & Humber candidate Jane Collins to a debate.  Ms Collins has twice accepted and twice declined his challenge, first made early in March.


UKIP shy of Y&H debate

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At a packed conference in Brussels

organised by Edward's EU Food Sense campaign, all opposed the status quo.

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